Since Sept. 2014 : Consultant at SonarSource, the company behind SonarQube

2013-2014 : Head of FI IT F2B Back Office CM QA at BNPParibas Corporate Investment Banking (CIB)

Manager of a Team (24 persons spread over the world) in charge of:

Config Management : Continuous Integration (Jenkins) - Continuous Inspection (SonarQube)
Release Management
Trouble Management
Vendors Relationship
Quality Assurance - Non Regression Testing (QTP) - Code Quality Monitoring / Technical Debt Tracking (SQALE)
Perf Testing : Batches, Real Time Process, UI
Technical Migration Validation: Oracle, Solaris to RedHat, MQ, ...
Internal Entrepreneurship :
- we implement the state of the art and best practises to do ever more with less
- SUNRISE : help tracking what has been installed by who, when
- SUNLIGHT : the collaborative roadmap manager used during all migration phase
- SUNSHINE : QA tools such a Injectors, Files Comparators

Related Vendors : Calypso, Murex, Documentum
Bond, Repo, SecLending, Interest Rate Derivatives

I'm in the middle of the DEV & PROD Teams. My Team is in charge to sign off what is going live, is tested, reliable and efficient.

2011-2012 : Team Manager on Calypso - BNPParibas Corporate Investment Banking (CIB)

Complete rollover from in-house software named BND to Calypso V11 for the Back Office of CIB for Bond & Repo.
6 years project involving people on all financial places with sometimes short nights. Migration by lot : Asia, Paris, London, Fortis (Belgium, Luxemburg), ...
From delivery of the software by the Vendor (1 zip file) to complete new architecture and organization (code, servers, process).
500 Users - 50 JVMs - 1TB of Business Data - 20K Trades / Day

2007-2011 : JAVA Architect on Calypso - BNPParibas Corporate Investment Banking (CIB)

2005-2007 : Senior Software Engineer - Société Générale Corporate Investment Banking (CIB)

2004-2005 : Software Engineer - Société Générale Corporate Investment Banking (CIB)

2003-2004 : Software Engineer - Claritas (now nielsen), SmartUp (now NOVEDIA)